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Suspect in Jewelry Store Robbery in Custody Thanks to Good Samaritan

“Not everybody would be brave to do it, but I’m just grateful for the person,” said Fernando Perez

A suspect in a jewelry store robbery is in federal custody thanks to the quick thinking of a good Samaritan.

The smash and grab robbery happened on Mar. 26th at the Alpha and Omega Jewelry store in National City at 12:24 p.m. An armed man in a hooded sweatshirt smashed a glass case and took five men’s necklaces worth $10,000. Federal authorities are now prosecuting the case because the store engages in interstate commerce.

According to a federal complaint, Dayveioin Lashawn Crawford is the suspect in the case.

Investigators say a tipster witnessed three black males wearing black and dark hooded sweatshirts that covered their heads, jump over a fence and run to an awaiting vehicle. The tipster took a picture of the vehicle’s license plate. He then reported his observations after watching a local news story on TV that evening, according to the complaint.

Law enforcement databases also revealed Crawford is on probation, according to the complaint. They scheduled a meeting with his probation officer and said Crawford lied about his whereabouts during the date and time of the armed robbery. He was eventually arrested.

Meanwhile, a jeweler with the store said he’s thankful the good Samaritan came forward.

“Not everybody would be brave to do it, but I’m just grateful for the person,” said Fernando Perez.

Perez said he was in the back room of the store when he heard a co-worker panic. He came out to see shattered glass cases. Perez said he confronted the man with his pocket knife.

“When the guy saw my knife, I believe he thought it was a gun,” said Perez, who has scars from getting cut by broken glass.

Perez said he acted on instinct, adrenaline, and had a natural reaction to defend himself.

“The biggest thing is I believe in God. God is with me. He’s protecting us,” said Perez.

Federal authorities have confiscated Crawford’s telephone, but say its contents was remotely wiped. They say cell tower information placed Crawford’s phone at the scene of the armed robbery.

So far, no other suspects have been taken into custody.

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