Testimony: Hernandez Texts Missing

Aaron Hernandez watched in court Friday as his phone records were shown for all to see.

Ricardo Leal, an official with Sprint, hashed through the complicated details for hours.

At the end of the day, even Hernandez was laughing, as things got tense between Leal and his attorney.

Also Friday, jurors caught an inside look at text messages Hernandez sent to his alleged "right hand man," Ernest "Bo" Wallace of Bristol, Connecticut.

Just hours before Odin Lloyd was killed, Hernandez frantically texted Wallace, "Get ur [expletive] up here," and "Hurry ur [expletive] up [expletive]."

Earlier in the day, before Hernandez allegedly drank and smoked pot at a Providence, Rhode Island, bar, he sent a message to Wallace, presumably about his fiancee Shayanna Jenkins.

"All yall trying to step tonight my girl getting on my nerves," read the text. "Waddup Hey jus don't be too late my [expletive] please cuz with trying to b stuck wit her all day an nite."

A mystery also unveiled Friday, as Hernandez, according to phone records, appeared to have deleted two texts he sent to Wallace on June 15, one day after Hernandez went clubbing with Lloyd and one day before Lloyd was killed.

Just days before Lloyd was killed, Hernandez allegedly made a reference to gun clips, texting Wallace, "U grab everything out of the car...clips and cds and everything?"

Wallace replied, "Yes, sir."

In another text days before Lloyd was killed, Hernandez seemed to apologize to Wallace, texting him, "Love u [expletive] I wanted to kill u but u know I love u hit me tomorrow get some rest and tell the rest I love them."

Wallace wrote, " K. One love. My bad today."

Later in the day, Hernandez's defense team filed a motion to stop prosecutors from showing a gun to jurors. While the prosecution alleges the defendant was seen in surveillance footage holding a Glock .45, which they say was the murder weapon, the gun itself was never found.

Hernandez's attorneys argue that an upcoming witness may infer to jurors that the suspect was holding the murder weapon in the video.

Judge Susan Garsh has not yet made a decision on the matter.

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