Waterbury Police Search for Vandals Throwing Rocks at Cars


The Waterbury Police Department is investigating eight incidents in the last several weeks of cars being damaged with large rocks.

Devin Aurio, of Waterbury, was driving his Toyota Corolla Thursday at about 1:20 a.m. on East Main Street near the Boys and Girls Club, when a rock was thrown onto his windshield from what appeared to be an upper level window.

“I was driving home coming up East Main Street from downtown and all of a sudden this rock came smashing through the windshield," Aurio said. “I ended up stopping for a second, but then I drove away because I didn’t want to stand there and wait for whoever threw the rock. So I go home, I call police, I filed a police report, but you know there was just glass everywhere.”

It wasn’t the first time a rock was thrown at his car.

On Sunday night, his car and his mother’s 2004 Honda Civic were parked outside their home on Celia Avenue between 11 and 11:30 p.m. when their cars were damaged by rocks again. One cracked Aurio’s windshield and another rock damaged the side of his mother’s car.

Waterbury Police are asking anyone who sees suspicious activity to call them.

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