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Maine Couple Wins 8M Lotto, Reveals Plans



    Linda and Bob Von Oesen may get a snow blower and a Chevy Cruz but they want to take care of their 14 grandchildren's college tuition (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Marnie Maclean, Hallowell, Maine) - One of the largest winning tickets ever sold in the tri-state
    Megabucks game was purchased in Fairfield, Maine two weeks ago.

    No one knew who bought that $8-million dollar ticket, until Thursday.

    When you've been married for 32 years it can be hard to think of a unique anniversary gift, but Linda Von Oesen found one for her husband.

    She bought a tri-state Megabucks ticket worth more than $8 million.

    "Still kind of in shock, trying to figure it all out," said her husband Bob.

    The couple from Fairfield Center, Maine went public with their newfound wealth. Linda said she's been playing the lottery every Wednesday and Saturday for 16 years.  

    "I buy one ticket, just one," she said.

    One is all you need.  

    Bob and Linda were at the start of a camping trip in New Hampshire when they realized they had the winning ticket.

    “I said, ‘oh my goodness, I can't go down the river kayaking with this ticket, something could happen. I could fall in the brink.’"

    When the ticket was secure, they started to relax.

    "First thing we did was call the kids; that was so much fun," she said.

    And then Linda did what she always does.

    “I went to work Monday and they said, ‘what are you doing here?’ I said, ‘working; that's what I like to do.’"

    Linda has no plans to quit her job at Marden's, a surplus and salvage store, or to give up the Friendly's coupons they hand out to employees.

    "I like Friendly's and I have to have the coupons."

    Bob, who's retired, is thinking about getting a Chevy Cruz because it's good on gas.

    Linda says maybe he needs a better way to make a path for their dog Abby in the winter.

    "We could buy a bigger snow blower, one that goes automatic,” she mused.

    Really? That's it? No luxury vacations? A fancy new house? How about a new camper at least?

    “I like what I have; I have three slides."

    Spending the money on themselves isn't a big part of the plan.

    One of Bob and Linda's biggest priorities is taking care of their grandchildren and making sure they have
    what they need to go to college.

    There are 14 grandchildren, but the cash payout of $5.9 million should cover it.  

    It's the kind of money that changes lives, but you get the distinct feeling Bob and Linda are perfectly happy with the ones they already have.