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Japan Asks iRobot for Help



    (NECN: Eileen Curran) - One week since an earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan and set off a nuclear crisis, the Japanese government is conceding it was unprepared for a disaster of that scale.

    It is now welcoming help from the U.S., and that help is showing up in a variety of ways including a donation of robots.

    If iRobot engineer Alex Wong looks a little tired, it's because he and his co-workers have been up all night.

    Working hard to get four robots ready to ship to Japan to help that country deal with its crippled nuclear power plant.

    Thursday morning, the Japanese military contacted the Bedford, Massachusetts company, asking for help.

    iRobot is sending two of its pac bots...and two warrior robots to Japan, along with six employees. The pac bots will be equipped with a hazmat sensor...the warriors will be fitted with a special gripper that can hold a fire hose. Both are able to go where humans can not.