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Honest Track Coach Costs His Team State Championship



    Derek Herber found a scoring error (Published Tuesday, June 17, 2014)

    A high school track and field team has lost their state championship title, but its coach is being applauded for his honesty.

    Derek Herber, a North Attleboro, Massachusetts, Rocketeers coach, noticed a scoring error while reviewing the results of Sunday's track meet.

    He pointed out that his team had received too many points on one event, so instead of finishing first, they finished third. Despite losing the state title, his team says he set a good example for them.

    "It's easier to be honest all the time, 'cause if you do lie in anything, you're always going to get caught somehow," Herber said.

    Ryan Croke, a senior captain, agrees that Coach Herber's words and actions go beyond the track.

    "It's makes me more proud of my team than winning the state championship. You know, that would've been nice, but it's the good deeds that count," he said.

    The Rocketeers have handed the trophy over to Central Catholic High School.

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