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'I'm Spitting Out Blood': Woman Accuses Police of Brutality



    'I'm Spitting Out Blood': Woman Accuses Police of Brutality

    A Meriden woman's claim that police officers used excessive force that resulted in her being unconscious and injuries, police said after an investigation into the September incident. 

    Police said Mary Bunch was intoxicated and fell on a gravel driveway, according to witnesses. Bunch had told police that she had one beer that evening. 

    Bunch accused officers of "excessive force" after a Sept. 19 incident at her home. She filed an official complaint that also indicated police failed to provide medical attention to an unconscious arrestee. 

    Bunch said she arrived and tried to disperse a party that had been going on. Police were called to the scene. Bunch said that when officers arrived they mistakenly went after her. 

    Images seen in November appeared to show substantial injury to Mary Bunch's face. She said that the cuts and the bruising were caused by officers in her hometown police department in Meriden.

    “I’m spitting out blood," Bunch said  in November. "My eyes can’t see. My face was burning.”

    Bunch said she was knocked unconscious and arrested. She was later charged with assault on an officer and breach of peace. 

    “Next memory I have, I woke up in the police station and I was like ‘why am I in here.’ I’m going crazy," Bunch said.

     After a detailed investigation released on Friday, police established that Bunch was seen drinking from a liquor bottle after she drove home from El Condado's Bar.

    Police responded to a disturbance involving approximately 15 people at Bunch's house at 2:20 am. When police began to arrest Bunch's son she struck an officer and was placed under arrest.

    A witness said Bunch lost her balance from being drunk and fell onto a gravel driveway that resulted in a bruised lip, a contusion and lacerations to the face. 

    An ambulance brought Bunch to police headquarters where EMS was waiting. Bunch was seen conscious, refusing medical attention for her lip and kicking a police officer in the cell block area. 

    After being released from police custody, Bunch went to the Mid State Medical Center that determined Bunch's Blood Alcohol Content was .28 percent-- over three times the legal limit.

    Police established Bunch made several false claims in her complaint and have closed the investigation.