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NYPD Officers Rescue "GOAT ... And It's Not @TomBrady"



    NYPD Officers Rescue "GOAT ... And It's Not @TomBrady"
    Police rescued a goat found in a backyard in Queens.

    "There's a new GOAT in town, and it's not @TomBrady..."

    That's what the New York City Police Department tweeted after rescuing a crying pygmy goat that had mysteriously wandered into a Queens backyard earlier this week.

    They named it Josh and delivered it to a city animal shelter for a hay meal.

    Josh will soon go to the Skylands animal sanctuary in New Jersey, where Jon Stewart and wife, Tracey, sent a bull headed to a slaughterhouse that escaped on a Queens street three years ago.

    In a video police released Friday, an officer is seen cradling the goat in her arms, saying, "It's OK. ... He's so cute."

    And no, it's not Brady, whose nickname, GOAT, stands for the "greatest of all time."