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Watertown Store Clerk Speaks Out After Armed Robbery



    Store Clerk Speaks Out After Armed Robbery

    A store clerk who had a knife pressed to his neck during an armed robbery at the Victoria Spa in Watertown, Mass. says he has had trouble sleeping since the attack and he has asked not to be identified with the suspect still on the loose.

    (Published Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018)

    The Watertown, Mass. store clerk couldn't believe it as an armed robbery suspect pressed a knife to his neck.

    "I'm very scared, I said, 'what are you doing?'" recalled the clerk, who asked not to be identified, Wednesday night.

    The robbery happened just before 10 p.m. Saturday at the Victoria Spa. There were a number of customers inside at the time of the incident but they all left after the suspect yelled at them to get out.

    Surveillance video shows the suspect coming into the store and then pulling a knife out of his sweatshirt. He then turns around the corner and puts the knife to the clerk's neck.

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    The suspect then pushes the clerk down to the end of the counter near the cash register.

    "Right into my neck, here!" the clerk said, pointing to his neck.

    According to witnesses, the suspect first tried to rob nearby Coolidge Liquors.

    "Basically he came here to rob us," Nick Kalamvokis said.

    However, an employee was in the back at the time and had locked the door.

    Video shows the suspect then turn back and run towards Victoria Spa.

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    "I hear the guys from the Pizzeria screaming 'call 9-1-1 call the cops,'" he said. "When he came out, it wasn't a mask, but it was like a scarf, on his face, and he was coming out with a knife in his hand."

    Martinez said the suspect took off running down the street.

    "I'm scared that he is still out there," the clerk said. "I hope police catch him."

    The suspect is described as a while male in his 20s or 30s.

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