Broadside: Mass. Sen. Forry on Hosting St. Patrick's Day Breakfast

(NECN) - Sometimes the jokes are just like the corned beef, salty and left-over. The singing is flatter than the pitchers of warm beer, but nothing can match South Boston's St. Patrick's Day breakfast.

Linda Dorcena Forry will emcee Sunday's breakfast for the first time, joining the likes of Moakley, Bulger, Lynch, Hart and Linehan in doing so.

Forry joined Jim Braude on Broadside to discuss her upcoming event. She is set to become the first non-Irish, Haitian-American to host the event. "I am nervous, but I'm excited," said Forry.

"The people of South Boston have been very supportive," said Forry.

The Boston Globe reported that Forry enlisted the help of Mass. Governor Deval Patrick to help convince President Barrack Obama to call into the breakfast.

"It's really interesting," said Forry, that the controversy surrounding the St. Patrick's Day parade could not be resolved.

"We want people to know that Boston is a changed place," added Forry.

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