Scott Brown Expected to Launch Exploratory Committee for US Senate Campaign

(NECN: Jackie Bruno) - Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown appears to have his eye on becoming a senator again, this time in New Hampshire.

Politico reports brown is expected to launch an exploratory committee as early as Friday.

Brown is speaking in Nashua Friday afternoon at the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference.

This month, Brown started looking for campaign staff and has begun courting the political elite in the Granite State.

Republicans consider the moves to be brown's first steps toward launching a Senate campaign against democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

Some say Shaheen has not done enough with pressing issues.

N.H. Republican Committee Chairperson Jennifer horn said, “You’ve got to convince the voters that you care about New Hampshire more than you care about Washington D.C.”

She added, “That independent vote is very important in New Hampshire and Senator Shaheen, unfortunately, has been a ‘99 percent vote with the president’ kind of person. She hasn’t stood up to fight for New Hampshire on any issues, especially the most important one, Obamacare."

Brown is a long-time Massachusetts resident, but he recently relocated to his New Hampshire vacation home.

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