Trump Returning to NH for First Time Since Primary Win

Donald Trump returns to New Hampshire Monday for the first time since his win the state's primary back in February.

He'll hold some fundraisers and give a speech.

To some voters, it appears his campaign has had very little presence in the Granite State since the primary, but the state co-chair says differently.

While Trump has had only one paid staffer at his Manchester office for the last four months, Stephen Stepanek tells necn it's the volunteers who are carrying Trump's momentum.

"We have a strong and robust volunteer group here that we kept active," Stepanek said.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has kept five paid staffers in New Hampshire, but the Democratic nominee doesn't yet have a campaign headquarters there.

"You have to remember Hillary just clinched the nomination the other day, so these things take a little bit of time," said Democratic Strategist Sean Downey.

Downey says no office, no problem.

"There hasn't been any kind of lull in excitement, we've got thousands of volunteers ready to go do the work," Downey said Friday.

Both campaigns are ramping up, increasing the number of paid staffers in the state, opening more field offices, and getting the ground game running again.

"Republicans rely on volunteers, people enthusiastic about the cause," Stepanek said. "The Democrats rely on paid people to do it."

Downey says that's a ridiculous claim.

"I've been around New Hampshire for a long time, I've never seen that -- I've never even heard of that, to be honest with you," he said. "Our ground game is superior."

Some of the latest polls show Clinton and Trump neck and neck in New Hampshire. We'll have to see which party is most convincing to undecided voters over the next five months.

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