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Bruins Fan Discusses Leaving Monday's Game Early



    Jason Wells left the game early, and didn't find pout about the history-making comeback until he got home. (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Josh Brogadir) - You might say it's hard to believe some fans left early, even question their faith, but the Bruins climbed the seemingly insurmountable mountain to do it.

    Even if some fans missed the ending.

    Maybe you watched it on TV, listened on the radio, or like Bruins fan, Jason Wells, would rather not remember where you were when.

    "I got to the train, Lechmere Station and I noticed that the game should be over by now. But I'm not seeing Bruins fans filing from the garden," Wells said.

    As we all know now, the game had gone to overtime.

    But Wells's phone was dead, he left the Garden with 12 minutes to go and the B's down 4-1.

    He paid a pretty penny for his seats and didn't find out what happened until he got home.

    I asked him if he was beating himself up over this.

    "You know what, if me leaving had a hand in them winning I'm ok with it, but obviously I would have loved to have been there to celebrate with everybody. But I'm glad it worked out the way it did," Wells said.

    Six-week-old Harper picked a great time to be a Bruins fan.

    Her dad Matt was skeptical along with the rest of New England with the Bruins staring down a 3 goal deficit in the third.

    "It wasn't looking good, definitely wasn't looking good. Finally you know they started doing their thing with 10 minutes left, started skating around," Bruins fan Matt Kane said.

    I asked Bruins fan Tucker Cushing if he ever thought they would pull out the win down three goals.

    "No, I didn't. And I hate to say it because I am a Bruins fan," Cushing said.

    But for Jason Wells, who works in the insurance business, it doesn't make him any less of a fan, just something he, rest assured, won't ever do again.

    "They looked pretty lifeless out there and I think a true fan can actually admit when their team has weaknesses and they do. And they're going to have a tough time in the next round. I think they'll win but hopefully no game sevens going forward," Wells said.

    The Rangers are here next starting Thursday night.

    There could certainly be a game 7 in this series too.

    That would be a whole lot better than being a Leafs fan today.