• Daylight Saving Time Mar 11

    Explainer: Should We Keep Daylight Saving Time?

    Matt Noyes explains the pros and cons of Daylight Saving Time and efforts to get rid of it.

  • Weather Dec 15, 2020

    Major Winter Storm Could Bring Blizzard Conditions, Over a Foot of Snow

    A First Alert continues for much of New England for the upcoming midweek storm, expected to bring either side of a foot of snow to many in southern New England, with possible blizzard conditions for some. These two days preceding the storm are classic predecessors for big snow events — cold and fairly quiet. A northwest wind continues to ship…

  • forecast Dec 15, 2020

    Sunny and Chilly Tuesday

    Tuesday: Sunshine with a chilly wind. Highs in the 30s, wind chill 20s. Overnight Tuesday: Mostly clear, cold. Lows in the teens, single digits north. Wednesday: Clouding up. Night snow arrives. Highs in the 20s. Thursday: Blizzard conditions possible.

  • winter forecast Nov 24, 2020

    What to Expect From the Upcoming Winter — and How Climate Change Impacts Our Predictions

    A winter seasonal forecast: entertainment or science?  The truth lies somewhere in between. Though there are those who’ve devoted their entire professional lives to the study of seasonal prediction, those of us in the sector of broadcast meteorology are jacks of all trades, forecasting daily weather predictions and, for the brave, trying our hand at seasonal forecasting, as well. ...

  • September forecast Sep 1, 2020

    All Eyes Are on the Tropics for September Forecast

    On the first weekday morning of every month, you can count on seeing my monthly forecast for the month ahead. For September 2020, the theme is all eyes on the tropics. At first blush, my expectation of a large swath of colder-than-normal air in the Midwest and Ohio Valley may seem somewhat removed from New England. So what does it…

  • Weather Apr 28, 2020

    What Happened to Spring? New England Still Waiting on Sun, Warmer Temps

    There’s no question Tuesday is an improvement over Monday – the wind has quieted considerably and continues to quiet during the day, the clouds are breaking up enough to allow for peeks of sun and even more than that in northern and western New England, and save for some sprinkles and flurries, rain and snow has shipped out.  While...

  • forecast Apr 28, 2020

    Flurry to Peeks of Sun for Tuesday Afternoon

    Tuesday: Flurry to peeks of sun. Highs in the 40s on the coast, 50s inland. Overnight Tuesday: Becoming clear. Lows in the 30s. Wednesday: Sun to clouds. Highs around 60, 50 on the coast.

  • snow Mar 30, 2020

    Snow Showers Monday Night Likely to Stick For Some

    The weather won’t provide much of an emotional boost this week for sheltering New Englanders with cool air and lots of clouds, though there will be some brighter times along the way and the second half of our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast is serving as a light at the end of the tunnel.  Monday morning set the tone...

  • Weather Mar 27, 2020

    Delightful Weather Starts the Weekend

    For many, this is a much-needed weekend for rest and recuperation after an unsettling and stressful week. For others, the days continue to blend together from one to the next.  Either way, this weekend offers weather that will cater to those who want to be outside in fresh air, and those who need an excuse from nature to lay low...

  • forecast Mar 27, 2020

    Clear and Cool Friday Evening

    Overnight Friday: Clear, cool. Lows in the 30s.
    Saturday: Morning sun to afternoon clouds. Night showers arrive. Highs in the 50s.
    Sunday: Periodic showers, mountain mix and cool. Highs 40s south, 30s north.

  • forecast Mar 27, 2020

    Sunny Friday Ahead of Clear Evening

    Friday: Sun with highs 55-60.
    Overnight Friday: Clear, cool. Lows in the 30s.
    Saturday: Morning sun to afternoon clouds. Night showers arrive. Highs in the 50s.
    Sunday: Periodic showers, mountain mix and cool. Highs 40s south, 30s north.

  • Weather Mar 24, 2020

    A Shot of Snow Headed for Interior New England

    Clouds will stay with New England through the day Monday, coupling with a cold start in the 20s to keep temperatures from rising much beyond 40 degrees.   This means when precipitation moves in during the afternoon from west to east — for many of us between 3 and 5 p.m. — we’ll see not only rain but also snow…

  • forecast Mar 23, 2020

    Snow to Rain Monday Evening

    Monday evening: Snow to rain. Tapering off after midnight. Lows in the 30s.
    Tuesday: Mostly sunny and milder. Low to mid 50s
    Wednesday: Showers return. Some wet snow in the Worcester Hills. Low to mid 40s.

  • forecast Mar 23, 2020

    Tuesday: Cloudy With Rain and Snow Developing

    Monday: Turning cloudy with rain and snow developing. Highs in the upper 30s.
    Tuesday: Clearing, mild. Highs in the mid-50s.

  • snow Mar 18, 2020

    More Snow Expected Thursday Morning

    on Sunshine bathes New England Wednesday as dry air returns for a brief stand. The dry air is also cool by nature, meaning morning temperatures in the 20s and 30s won’t exceed either side of 50 degrees by afternoon, with a light wind allowing for a sea breeze to develop during the afternoon.   With ocean water temperatures only in…

  • Massachusetts Nov 26, 2019

    Late Winter Storm Moves Into Boston

    A rain/snow mix will expand across New England on Friday, though with most communities experiencing temperatures well above the freezing mark, overall impact will be very limited during the daylight hours.

  • Massachusetts Nov 25, 2019

    Snowcap: Will This Weekend's Storm Bring Rain or Snow?

    An incoming storm could bring the cold stuff, or we could be stuck with rain again. Pamela Gardner has the latest on what to expect for snow in New England.

  • Weather Nov 8, 2019

    Get Ready: Early Week Storm Could Bring Snow to Parts of New England

    Our next storm has shown up on our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast for days and still looks to move in sometime later Monday and last through Tuesday, likely bringing a combination of rain and snow with the greatest chance of snow starting north, but a possibility for mixing or a change even in southern New England by the storm’s...

  • New England Nov 8, 2019

    Friday Night Freeze Brings an End to EEE Threat

    The Eastern Equine Encephalitis threat in southern New England finally comes to an end Friday night. After an especially difficult season with the mosquito-borne illness, a hard freeze is expected all the way to the South Coast of New England overnight Friday, which will result in either the death or hibernation of what’s left of the over 50 species of...

  • Weather Oct 30, 2019

    Halloween Forecast Calls for Wind, Rain

    Although Wednesday started as another day of clouds and drizzle with patchy fog, there are changes in the weather pattern we’ll notice in the days ahead. The storm in our nation’s mid-section dropping accumulating snow on Chicago will move northeast, with the counter-clockwise flow of air around it pulling a southerly wind up the East Coast, grabbing both warmth and...

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