Another Week, Another 3 Inch Per Hour Snow Burst

Have you noticed every time it snows this winter, we hear reports of 2, or 3, or 4, or more! Inches of Snow Per Hour. Last week we saw it two days in a row in New Hampshire, the week before it was all of southern New England. Today is was eastern Massachusetts. The day began with an Arctic Front well off to the west, creating an unforgettable morning in Toronto Ontario. These images of a surreal snow squall, and attendant mutli-car pile up were tweeted out by CTV News of Toronto.

But the front was still in New York when the snow squalls hit southern New England. Hopefully our leading authority on Wintertime Instability (or as he calls them #Windex events) Snow Squalls, Weir Lundstedt, will leave a comment on this page, so we all have a better understanding of what really happened today. Why so many squalls so far ahead of the front, and why so intense? Anything to do with wind from the southwest causing enhancement from the ocean? If so that is an extremely rare event (Ocean Effect from the south in New England).
In this riveting 5 minute video, take a ride through the squall as I travel from Newton to Scituate MA. Feel free to make fun of my childlike awe of what Mother Nature (and humans) are capable of.

Pretty Quiet Sunset, the front still well west of the shore. Maybe one more squall tonight?

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