Foggy January Thaw May End Flaky

The second blizzard of the week, and fourth of the winter, went mostlyunnoticed because of the storm's Extreme tornado Outbreak. Fortytornadoes touched down from Illinois to Alabama, killing 7 people, theworst new year's Tornado Outbreak on record. The storm center deepened998 as it moved from Minnesota into Canada. That path pushed recordwarmth to the Northeast, 58 in Worcester Tied the New Year's dayrecord set in 1892. Mt.Washington hit 41 breaking a record of 37 form1973. This morning we woke to dense fog (thanks to humid air over snowpack) and more record warmth, Mt.Washington hit 38 today, breaking therecord of 37 from 1979. There were no freezing temperatures in NewEngland overnight. Our snow pack is taking a big hit.
   (btw, covering the Blizzard of 2010 last week, kept me from postingon the blizzard. there were many abnormalities to that storm,especially the snowfall gradient, none more striking than the 20" forNew York City, 18": in Boston, 29' in savoy MA, 30" Cannon Mt NH, withmany spots in between only getting 5" or 6". Here at NECN we got about9". The wind gusted to 85 mph at my Scituate Home with only 2" of snow,while west end of our town got 12". And we had the highest storm surge,about 6', since 1991 no name. Dozens of homes were flooded with many residents evacuated at the height of the storm. Though the barometer fell to 964 mb, thatis not as strong as the February 25 2010 storm that hit 959 mb, rightover Hull MA, with 90 mph wind in Gloucester MA. I posted a few videosof Blizzard 2010).
  Our early January thaw is ending with a twist. The same front thatcaused the tornadoes is pushing east of New England today, Jan 2, 2011.But a wave of low pressure will 'bomb out' on the front, deepening from1014 to 992 millibars as it passes south of Nantucket to Newfoundlandin the next 30 hours. The back edge of this storm is prolongingrainfall enough that the new cold may arrive in time for a brief burstof snow this evening from eastern Massachusetts to Eastern Maine,little or no accumulation expected. New, seasonable cold arrive in NewEngland tonight, and for the foreseeable future. The weather pattern inNorth America promises plenty of Coast to Coast action. On the WestCoast we have a trough over California, with a ridge of BritishColumbia, this set up a moisture delivery mechanism form the PacificOcean, and a cold delivery system from Siberia. A series of AlbertaClippers will traverse in our direction this week. The first clipperwill bring snow showers on Tuesday. The second arrives Friday. TheFriday Clipper will dig south of New England creating a deep vortex oflow pressure right over New England. That will mix mild moist air fromthe North Atlantic, with serious cold Polar air from Canada, resultingin bands of moderate to heavy snow in New England Friday into Saturday,Jan 8-9, 2011.
  After that, the coldest air in two years spreads from Siberia into Canada, to expand in the United States by Mid Month.
  Skiing will get better with snow on and off Tuesday to Tuesday. Surfmay come up a little on Tuesday with this Ocean Storm, but more likelywe have to wait until next weekend for a more powerful storm east ofCape Cod (too bad because Santa brought me a winter wet suit :) )
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