Huge Snowstorm for Northern New England…isolated Amounts of 30″-36″ Possible…flash Freeze Farther South Thursday

A strengthening storm center will tap Gulf of Mexico moisture and carry it northward into New England's cold air Wednesday into Thursday.  The result will be rain that ends with snow and a flash freeze in Southern New England, and a whopper of a snowstorm in the North Country.  While Northern New England snowfall amounts should be on the order of one to two feet for many, isolated amounts of 30"-36" in mountain towns - particularly in the Central/Northern Green Mountains and Mahoosuc Region of Maine - are possible.  Farther south, most of the storm will be rain, though cold air will snap in early Thursday morning, changing rain to snow and icing up roadways for probable slippery conditions, even in Southern New England, Thursday morning.  One area of southwest NH into Southern VT and extreme northwest MA has been highlighted for potential significant icing due to freezing rain - such a forecast is always tenuous, but residents in this area should be prepared for possible power outages.  Several maps below.

Storm Overview Map - note the area of potential freezing rain/icing, highlighted in red - in this area, power outages are possible:


Southern New England Accumulation Forecast - most of this snow is on the "back end." That is, after mostly rain Wednesday a flip to snow occurs predawn Thursday through Thursday morning, along with a flash freeze, so icing of roadways is quite possible Thursday morning:


Northern New England Accumulation Forecast - the biggest factor here is the quick increase in amounts through the interior, and with northern extent. A small forecast error in storm track can have big implications when the difference in amounts is so sharp, but barring a significant change, these amounts should be good guidance:


A closer look at Maine - snowmobilers and skiers, alike, have a lot to be happy about:

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