New Englanders Weigh Travel Options With Irene

(NECN: Julie Loncich: Newton, Mass. - While Puerto Ricans stocked up on food and supplies ahead of Hurricane Irene Monday, Jessica Freier and her husband spent the afternoon at Liberty travel weighing their options.

"My husband really adamantly does not want to fly our kids into a hurricane and I hear him, I hear his point," said Jessica Freier of Newton, Mass.

A month and a half ago the Freier family booked an end of summer vacation to the tropical Bahamas. Problem is, the storm is bearind down on the tropics, with Category 2 Hurricane Irene pummeling the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and parts of Mexico. Heavy rains and high winds have knocked out power to millions and brought down trees and power lines. And this is just some of what is expected to hit the Bahamas either Wednesday or Thursday.

"I'm trying to make a decision and I'm on a deadline and you want to make the right decision. Is it safe to fly there and hunker down in the basement of Atlantis or do you stay here? I don't know," said Freier.

The Freier's spent $4,500 on their trip. To cancel, would mean they'd lose it all. To postpone, would add another $2,000. To go, well, who knows what the Freiers might encounter. But just as NECN cameras were about to leave, a decision.

"We'll see. I hope it was the right choice," said Freier.

The Freiers will board a plane bound for the Bahamas bright and early in the morning.

"I hoping for the best, if we get stuck there it's not a bad place to be stuck," said Freier.

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