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Andover Students Headed to Class on Good Friday?



    Andover students head to class on Good Friday?

    Heavy number of snow days may force Mass. schools to open on religious holiday (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Scot Yount - Andover, Mass.) - The storms that left this snow piled around the schools in Andover, Mass. tell the tale.

    Snow forced the district to keep kids home six times this year - seven times at the high school, reportedly because of a gas leak - and because they are only allowed five, that means kids have to go to school on a make up day.

    As it appears now, that day could well be Good Friday.

    "Good Friday, I mean a lot of people celebrate Good Friday. I think they shouldn't be forced to go to school on Good Friday, especially for those people who celebrate it," said the mother of a young child.

    Andover's Superintendent of Schools and the School Committee have little choice, because of state law, and teacher contracts won't allow any school after June 30. So make up days at the end of the year won't work, which is not sitting well with some students.

    "There were a couple of snow days where we definitely could have gone to school. It is not like, the superintendent's fault, but it is not our fault either," said an 18 year old senior.

    Some parents see it as necessary.

    "At this point, I think we have to, because they are going to finish in the end of June, so it is going to run a little bit longer," said a man. "Prom days and vacation days set up, it is going to affect all the people, but I think one time of the year, everybody can sacrifice I think."

    According to the district's website, the make up day could change if there aren't enough teachers on Good Friday.

    Saturday would be the only other choice. That, according to the website, would be in fact a full day of school.