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Another Bout of Wintry Weather on the Way



    Another bout of wintry weather on the way

    Snowstorm set to hit New England Monday (Published Tuesday, March 11, 2014)

    (NECN: Kathryn Sotnik, Westwood, Mass.) - Another bout of wintry weather is coming, with an impending storm on Monday.

    That combined with the recent bitterly cold temperatures and wind, is making the beginning of March not very "spring-like" at all.

    "It's going to be terrible," said one man grocery shopping in Norwood Friday night.

    "I'm going to ignore the snow, and drive right through it and pretend it's not happening," said one woman laughing.

    It certainly has been a tough winter so far. Our region has endured storm after storm.

    Salt piles are depleted. Potholes seem to be growing. Not to mention many people are sick of being cooped up.

    McKenzie Faherty was golfing with her older brother and parents at Monster Golf in Norwood Friday evening.

    "I like to golf and sometimes we don't get to go outside, so I like to do it inside," said a smiling Faherty.

    Manager George Modica says the indoor settings offers a little reprieve from the cold.

    With the days getting lighter, hope is around the corner. We can "spring ahead" for Daylight Saving Time on March 9th.