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Commuter: Freezing Rain Patches, But Roads Are in Good Shape



    Commuter: Freezing rain patches, but roads are in good shape

    In Lexington, Mass., commuters opinions on the severity of the weather vary (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Leslie Gaydos, Lexington, Mass.) – In Lexington, Mass. on route 128, the snow conditions were constantly changing.

    Early in the morning, the weather was not slowing the drivers down, but there speeds decreased as the wet, snowy slush piled up. A lot of the backup may be part of the morning commute.

    “It’s very slippery right now. I’m definitely not very comfortable driving on my way to work, and I’m in a rental so that makes matters even more uncomfortable. Yeah, I would just rather not be driving this morning,” said one commuter. “I saw a really bad accident. Someone had completely totaled their car on the way. I had no idea it was going to be this bad.”

    “Well, actually there were patches of freezing rain.  You can hear it hitting the windshield, but the roads are in pretty good shape,” said another.

    Another traveler drove up from Connecticut Monday morning.

    “A lot of little minor fender benders. I’m just dreading the rest of the winter,” he said.

    Over 800 MassDOT snow plow crews were tending to the roads.

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