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How Much Snow Will I Get in My Area?



    Meteorologist Nelly Carreno talks about snow estimates for New England (Published Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014)

    (NECN) - Many in New England are wondering the same thing: How much snow will I get at my house?

    NECN meteorologist Nelly Carreno says it's hard to predict how much snow Boston will get because of shifting winds; however, current estimates say about 3 inches of snow.

    The Cape and the Islands in Massachusetts will see little to no snow Thursday, and Massachusetts' South Coast and the southern part of Rhode Island will see about an inch of snow, while most on Connecticut's coast will get about three inches of snow.

    However, the story is different in the interior of New England, where snow totals begin to jump to 6 inches of snow outside of I-95 in Massachusetts and then to 9 inches past I-495. Central, western Massachusetts, southern and eastern Vermont, and central New Hampshire will get jackpots of 12 inches of snow or more from this storm. However, central Maine could see upwards of 15 inches of snow from this storm.

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