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Is My Family Prepared for Disaster?



    The recent tornadoes in Massachusetts were devastating for so many communities.  For many - both in the path of tornadoes and outside of those paths - the question resonates: Was my family ready for disaster?

    • Did I know where my children and family were at all times?
    • Does my family know what to do if the tornado or other disaster was directed at my community?
    • Am I prepared to go an extended time without electricity, water, natural gas, etc.?
    • Have I documented my valuables for insurance purposes?
    • Do I know multiple routes to and from my home and community in case normal routes are blocked or impassable?

    These questions and more are ones that we need to have rapid answers to, and if issues like this aren't ones your family has considered, consider this the time to do it.  For guidance on making an Emergency Family Plan, I suggest utilizing Ready America's Family Plan Wizard, which you can access by clicking here.

    Let's help those who have suffered a loss from this tornado outbreak, but also wisely use this opportunity to ensure we as New Englanders are better prepared for future disasters.