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New Hampshire Weathers Through Winter's Last Gasp



    (NECN:  Lauren Collins - Manchester, NH) As the power outages mount, Granite Staters contend with the hassles of one last gasp of winter.

    "It's definitely pretty crazy that there's snow in April like this," says college student Isaiah Simpson, who'd stopped off at a diner in Manchester on his way home from Orono, Maine.

    Early morning commutes were hampered by heavy, sticky snow.

    "It was very wet and heavy.  There was about two inches," says Jonathan who was headed to work in Boston and noted the side roads were a little slippery.

    "Very slow, twice as long as usual," says John Yule of his commute from Milford to Manchester.

    Scattered accidents were reported across the state because of slick conditions, but for the most part Manchester Public Works Director Kevin Sheppard says, "The roads are warm so as it's coming down it's melting.  We are seeing some accumulation.  We have trucks out there plowing but there's not much to get done." 

    Over at the hardware store, the yard rakes are a tease when across from the last of the shovels. 

    Lowe's Manager Casey Haymen says usually they're put away by now but, "we had some left over so we said 'bring 'em out and do what we can.  Help people out.'"

    It's not unusual to have snow in the spring, but it's not welcome either.  It's supposed to be the first day of fishing season.

    "Salmon season opens today and it doesn't look good," says Yule, who runs a sport shop. 

    But what about other warm weather activities?   The golf course at the Derryfield Country Club opens April first, even if the first nine are under the fleecy white snow of the lamb that ends March. 

    Manchester's famed ice cream spot, Cremeland, opened two weeks ago and is scooping out cones.  This storm is no match for spring fever.

    "Yesterday I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt.  So I'm hoping that next week it turns back around and I can wear shorts and a T-shirt again," says Simpson.en Collins tested out Manchester's famous ice cream spot as the snow kept coming down.

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