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South Shore of Mass. Digging Out of Massive Snowfall



    South Shore of Mass. digging out of massive snowfall

    Pembroke appears to have hit the snowfall jackpot (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo, Pembroke, Mass.) - Scraping shovels could be heard late into the night in some of the hardest hit areas on Massachusetts’ South Shore -- normally back-breaking work with a foot and a half on the ground in spots, made easier with the fluffy consistency of this mid-winter storm.

    "Well we’re lucky it’s not the wet snow because that would be too much to move because the snow blower’s not working," Suzie Watson said.

    The bitterly cold temperatures challenged several snow blowers, but once they got going, cleanup was easy, and plows were able to handle huge piles of snow in record time.

    Pembroke resident Kelly Webster said, "It’s what we expected, but it’s a good thing all the snow is gone from before, it’s New England what do you expect?"

    But single digit temperatures and subzero wind chills can be even more problematic for people and their pets.

    While walking his dog, Dana Forbes said, "I’m not sure he’s got the brains to understand he might be out here for way too long and so try to limit his exposure."

    "When you’re out yeah, of course you’re going to dress warm," said Pembroke resident Joe Watson.

    But others are focused on the positives of below freezing temperatures.

    Tim Watson said, "It’s wonderful this is like the winters we had when I was a child, we can skate on the ponds again, we can have some real winter weather."