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Thousands Becoming Frustrated as They Remain in the Dark



    (NECN: Julie Loncich, Norwell, MA) – It’s been three full days now, and for tens of thousands still in the dark, this is getting old.

    “Oh, they're more than frustrated, they're becoming very irate,”

    In Norwell, MA, even the fire chief is fed up. His station is the only town building with juice.

    Town hall, the police and highway departments and even the state police barracks are all running off of generators. Major intersections are dark. An unbelievable 95% of people here are powerless.

    “The fire department, the police department, the highway department, and the tree department, were ready. We knew what was coming and my question is, why didn't the power company know it was coming?”

     “We have three small kids so it's been hard to entertain them. It's a good thing they like to color,” said Tracy O’Hare of Norwell.

    The O'Hares are doing their best to keep smiling.

    Down the street Claire Fletcher thinks of it like camping and is using this time to put things in perspective.

    “There's so many more important things to be upset about in life and this is just a minor inconvenience,” said Fletcher.

    In nearby Cohasset, town officials set up charging docks for residents and passed out ice.

    Gymnastics went on as scheduled, although the instructors had to get creative to shower after class.

    “I actually have, in the dark though, with a flashlight in my bathroom,” said Nancy Durkin.

    There aren't many downed tree limbs or lines. In fact, National Grid says the problem is a downed transmission line. Tracy O'Hare says she expects better.

    “It's the year 2011 and I would hope that things could be in place so that we could have our power back sooner than a week into it.”