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Thousands of Birds Fall From the Sky in Arkansas



    (NECN/KATV) - It's a mystery. What is causing scores of black birds to literally fall dead out of the sky in Beebe, Arkansas.

    Residents in one Beebe subdivision got an unwelcome new year's surprise. Thousands of dead birds covered the ground.

    It really is like something out of a horror film, every yard in the area looks a lot like this one. Dozens of birds litter the ground and the scariest part is no one knows how they got here.  

    Most of the animals are red winged blackbirds like this one. And they're not just on lawns. We found so many of them on some roads that it was difficult to drive without crushing one. we even spotted a few on rooftops.

    Arkansas game and fish has collected some of the dead animals and will perform tests on Monday to try and determine the cause. Officials believe it's weather related, like lightning or high atmosphere hail.