Ex-chief denies cover-up in Bishop's 1986 shooting

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February 13, 2010, 5:26 pm
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(NECN: Josh Brogadir, Braintree, Mass.) - The University of Alabama in Hunstville biology professor who allegedly gunned down three colleagues on Friday fatally shot her brother in Massachusetts in 1986, according to Braintree Police.

In December 1986, Amy Bishop shot her brother Seth in the family's house on Hollis Avenue in Braintree in what was then called an accident.

"(She) had a fight with her brother, she shot her brother in the chest, fled the home, she fled down the street, pointed the weapon at a vehicle -- tried to get that person to stop," current Braintree police Chief Paul Frazier said.  "Subsequently, our officers found her and arrested her at that time by gunpoint."

According to Chief Frazier, Bishop was never booked and never charged.  Braintree Police do not have the police report from the 1986 shooting.

State Police investigative report: '86 Bishop shooting [NECN]

"During the booking process she was released by orders of the former police chief," Chief Frazier said.

Chief John Polio was in charge in 1986.  Now age 87, he insisted on there was no cover-up in the case.

"There were records kept as to -- they questioned all of the people that were involved and anyone that knew anything about it," Polio said.  "Reports were made, reports were submitted, reports were deposited in the detective drawer.  Where they are?  I don't know."

"Cover up," Polio questioned.  "That is really a new word to me."

Chief Frazier said Judy Bishop, Amy's mother, was on the town Board of Personnel at the time.  Any connection between the 1986 case and her mother's position would be speculative.

The records of the 1986 shooting, according to Chief Frazier who was on duty at the time of the incident, are now missing.  He went into further depth concerning their whereabouts in a statement released after Saturday's press conference:

"Officer Ronald Solimini informed me that he wrote the report and said that I wouldn't find it as it has been missing from the files for over 20 years. He said that former Police Chief Edward Flynn had looked for the report and that it was missing. He believes this was in 1988."
Former Chief Polio said then District Attorney Bill Delahunt's office performed an inquiry and determined no charges should have been brought against Bishop.  Delahunt is now a Congressman representing the 10th District of Massachusetts.

Amy Bishop has been accused of fatally shooting three colleagues at a faculty meeting on Friday.  A University spokesman said Bishop had been denied tenure before being held in the shooting at the Huntsville campus.

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