Mass. sees low voter turnout for Super Tuesday

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March 6, 2012, 8:51 pm
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(NECN: Ally Donnelly, Westwood, Mass.) - Sylvia Abraham cast her ballot quickly at the Downey elementary School in Westwood Mass.

She said, "It's all about jobs and definitely the debt." Her vote a no-brainer, she says, for Mitt Romney. "It's the whole package for Mitt Romney. He's well educated -- Harvard Business School, he was former governor. ran several businesses and, I think, he's a man of honor."

Her daughter Catherine followed suit. The 18-year-old was voting for the first time as she looks ahead to college in the fall.

"Not sure yet what I want to go into," she said. "I'll find that out, but I'm just worried about finding a job."

Andres Castro, a clothing retail manager, said, "Definitely job creation, for sure." Though took his parents lead in voting for Romney.

Arnold Collins, a retired cable repair man who voted for Romney said "Immigration, close borders, customs, language, Obamacare who can afford it?"

Republican Susan Jenkins chose Romney for what she calls his handle on the big issues.

"Lowering taxes and providing health care people understand, not something that's 15-hundred pages that nobody reads - and just getting everybody back on target," she said.

Elena, a marketing coordinator, liked Romney's business experience.

"He really did a lot for Bain Capital and that's what we need right now because our economy is in such turmoil," she said.

Jim Martin was one of only two Democrats we could find - voting for another four years with President Obama, in a state that has fared better than most.

"It's nothing but the economy, of course." he said. "The economy and getting people back to work."

Pharmacist Andy Marcoux says any Republican will do, but cast his ballot for Newt Gingrich.

"When I listened to the debates, I was just very impressed with him," he said. :And Romney was governor here for four years and I wasn't very impressed with him that much."

Voters across the board are unimpressed by the tenor of the nomination fight.

Elena, the marketing coordinator, gave voice to many people's concerns: "It's hurting the election because no one's picking one candidate," she said. "I don't think that's good. It's not going to help win against Obama."

Westwood did not expect voter turnout to push much beyond 20 percent.

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