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It’s ‘Match Day’ at UMass Medical School

Friday, March 15, 2013, 6:23pm
(NECN: Mike Cronin, Worcester, Mass.) - Pretty nervous, I had a little bit of difficulty sleeping last night. Little bit of butterflies going on,” said UMass medical student Vincent Minichiello.

Vincent anxiously awaits to open a letter Friday. It determines where he begins his medical career.

It's all part of Match Day. Vincent and medical students across the country rank what programs they want to go to. Meanwhile the schools rank which students they want.

“My rank list and the program's rank list go into a computer and it basically spits out where the medical student is going to end up for residency,” Vincent said.

Vincent's passion is family medicine. His top choice is the University of Wisconsin.

“You get to deliver babies, you get to take care of little kids,” Vincent said. “ You get to take care of adults too.”

More than 100 UMass medical students waited until everyone had a letter -- and they all opened their futures at the same time.

It was the news Vincent was hoping for.

 “Having this be my first choice program and being the place where I end up is such an honor and I feel so blessed that I'm able to continue on this journey to the next step,” Vincent said.

 “Very exciting experience,” said UMass Medical Chancellor Michael Collin. “It's something you remember in your own career and for those of us who have the great privilege of educating our medical students realize how spectacular this is and it's a very exciting moment every year.”

Vincent's parents were by his side. His mom says since he was a kid she knew he would become a doctor because he's always wanted to help people.

“I think he's doing what he wants and we're proud of that and very proud of him,” said Vincent’s mom, Mary Lee Mitchell.

Vincent's fiancee was at work during the ceremony, but she's the first person he contacted after he opened the letter.

“She said as soon as you find out let me know because I want to know where we're going to be spending the next couple years of our lives,” he said.
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