BC student group: We won't be stopped

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March 27, 2013, 12:51 pm
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(NECN: Kathryn Sotnik, Chestnut Hill, Mass.) - Controversy continues Wednesday night on the Boston College campus surrounding condoms that some students are passing out from their dorm rooms and other places.

School officials have asked the students to stop  --even threatening disciplinary action.
Andrea James is one of the students who distributes condoms from her apartment.
James says,  "it's really not awkward at all. People just come and you just act as professional as possible."
Her apartment is one of several so called "safe sites" or places both on and off campus where the condoms are passed out. The idea was initiated by the group called "BC students for sexual health."
Students get both condoms and STD educational material, and can stop by anytime.
Lizzie Jenakowski is the chair of the group. She tells NECN she received a letter from school officials threatening her with disciplinary action because the act of passing the condoms out violates the school's Catholic policies.
Jenakowski tells us this fills a gap on campus and that the students need the condoms. She calls the possible disciplinary action, "a vague, fear-mongering threat." She says, "We are determined not to be stopped."
Boston College says they're just protecting the values and traditions of a Jesuit institution.
Jack Dunn, the spokesperson for Boston College says, "What we're saying is work with us, understand we are a Catholic university. We have certain commitments that we're called to uphold."
Both sides are expected to sit down after East break and discuss the situation.
So far, BC officials say no disciplinary action has been taken. Jenakowski also says they'll continue to distribute the condoms.

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