Fordham baseball player leaps to fame

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April 22, 2010, 8:41 pm
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(NECN: Brian Burnell) - People are flipping over the 'flip' that has become an internet sensation.  A college baseball player from Connecticut leaped to fame with an amazing play to score a run.

Brian Kownacki is the latest internet sensation after making an amazing play in Fordham University's game against Iona earlier this week.  The bases are loaded with Brian on first when Chris walker singles.  The outfielder bobbles the ball so the third base coach sends Brian home.  The ball gets there long before he does so he leaps over the catcher, somersaults onto the plate and heads to the dugout. 

Fordham rallied from 9-1 down to win 12-9 against Iona.

Brian Kownacki, Fordham U:  "I saw the catcher catch the ball and he's crouched down blocking the plate.  I couldn't have slid and touched the plate so the first thought to come into my mind was 'jump over him'.  So I did."

Matt Desilva scored ahead of Brian so it was his job to tell him whether to slide.

Matt DeSilva, Fordham U: "It was funny because after he scored I said to him, 'didn't you see me telling you to somersault?  You saw me giving you the sign.'

That somersault, the landing, was positively gymnastic.

Brian Kownacki, Fordham U: "It was a perfect little roll and up and into the dugout.  It was very casual.  Was that planned or did it just happen?  It just happened. I was happy that it happened, though, because it might have hurt otherwise."

Needless to say his team mates were stunned. As he approached the plate, the catcher holding the ball, most thought he be tagged out.

Nick Martinez, Fordham U: "But then I saw his next step and I saw him in the air I was amazed I couldn't believe he did that.  And then when he landed and he landed so smoothly then just got up and walked to the dugout I was amazed.  I couldn't believe it."

As for his newfound fame the shortstop from Orange, Connecticut is a little worn out.  Classes in the morning followed by a slew of interviews not to mention a little ribbing from his friends and team mates.

Brian Kownacki, Fordham U: "I've heard it from a couple of students.  My team mates have gotten on me about it.  It's pretty fun though."

 "The Fordham Rams take off on flight for Dayton, Ohio tonight for a 3-game set and a lot of that flight will likely be spent trying to come up with a new nickname for Brian.  One candidate that I;ve already heard... Superman.  

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