Tim Cahill fights back against negative ads

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May 5, 2010, 6:18 pm
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(NECN: Alison King) - Massachusetts Gubernatorial candidate Timothy Cahill is fighting back and responding to recent ads targeting him.

Tim Cahill: "What we're trying to do is let the people of Massachusetts know who's behind these ads.  Who the person is who's runs the Republican Governor's Association.  What his intent is -- to discredit me."
Tim Cahill is fighting back. The fiscally conservative, Independent candidate for Massachusetts Governor has been the target of a million dollar plus negative TV and radio ad campaign paid for by the Republican Governor's Association.

Republican candidate Charlie Baker, running behind Cahill in the latest poll, says he has nothing to do with the ads -- but Cahill isn't buying it.
He has launched his own Internet ad - he says to set the record straight:

Meet Haley Barbour, Republican Governor of Mississippi and Chairman of the Republican Governor's Association.   

Haley B. thinks he can buy the Massachusetts Government for the Republican Party by destroying Tim Cahill from dishonest personal attacks.

Tim Cahill: We do think there is a connection between the Baker campaign and the RGA and we would just like Mr. Baker to admit that - or disown the ads and tell the RGA to take them down.   

The Cahill campaign says it knows of many Massachusetts donors who have maxed out to Baker, then given hefty contributions to the Republican Governor's Association -- all perfectly legally -- but Cahill supporters say the Baker campaign shouldn't claim it has nothing to do with the ads.

Meanwhile, Baker continues to promote his "Baker's Dozen" -- 13 reforms including requiring applicants for state services like public housing and the use of public defenders - to provide proof of Massachusetts residency.
Charlie Baker: I don't think it's appropriate for people who are residents of Massachusetts to be on waiting lists when people who aren't residents and citizens of Massachusetts are taking advantage of services.

Governor Deval Patrick, the Democratic incumbent pounced on this proposal.
"Baker's proposal to require homeless shelters to turn away people, including veterans and even families with children, if they can't produce proof of residency is inhumane and wrong."

Patrick also lashed back at Baker's claim that Governor Romney left with him a budget surplus.
Normally a mild mannered campaigner, Patrick said Wednesday that Baker lacks integrity and makes stuff up.

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