Markey: BP 'making it up as they go'

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May 12, 2010, 11:11 am
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(NECN: Washington, D.C.) - Executives from the three companies involved in the Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico oil rig that exploded, leading to a massive oil spill that has yet to be controlled, sat before Congress for a second straight day on Wednesday.

Congressman Ed Markey (D-Mass.) said British Petroleum, owner of the rig, has effectively admitted to "making it up as they go" in regard to finding a solution to the spill. An attempt to cap the leak with a 100-ton containment dome failed when deep-sea crystals formed inside the box. 

"We are now hearing of plans to stuff the blowout preventer full of a mixture of golf balls, old tires and other junk," Rep. Markey said, continuing with some word play.

"When we heard the best minds were on the case we expected MIT and not the PGA," Rep. Markey said.  "We already have one hole in the ground and now their solution is to shoot a hole-in-one."

He called BP's attempts at capping the leak a "series of elaborate and risky science experiments at the bottom of the ocean," and said Congress expected a more sophisticated approach to this potential ecologist disaster.

Rep. Markey cited the "drill, baby, drill" attitude toward offshore drilling as a root cause of the oil spill, placing much of the blame on the Bush administration for paving the way for increased drilling.

"Boosterism led to complacency and complacency led to disaster," Rep. Markey said.

President Barack Obama before the oil spill approved more offshore drilling.  After the spill, he called for new safeguards before issuing new licenses.  A reported provision in soon-to-be unveiled climate change legislation would allow coastal states to veto offshore drilling off a nearby state if it can prove significant danger from a potential accident.

Material from The Associated Press used in this report.

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