Police seek man accused of breaking into 3 homes, tickling feet

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June 10, 2014, 10:46 am
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A masked man broke into three Boston homes overnight, and in one case, tickled the foot of a sleeping student inside and then ran away once they woke up, according to a resident.

"My roommate woke up last night, he felt a tickling on his foot - he thought it was the cat at first - and then woke up to a man crouched by his bed," said Boston College student David Master. "He started screaming, and that woke me up, and I saw someone run out and around."

There were reports of a night-time trespasser overnight Monday at 64 Kirkwood Road, 239 Foster Street and 249 Foster Street.

In each of the cases, according to the reports, the intruder wore a black mask. But he did none of the thing that burglars do.

"It's just very weird and unsettling," said Master. "He didn't hurt anyone, didn't take anything, but it does seem very creepy."

"There was a guy who came to our house last semester, and he tickled one of the kid's feet in the house," said Boston College student Vance Vergara of a previous incident. "One of my roommates chased him down the stairs and chased him down the street, but that was it, he never caught him."

Detectives are actively investigating.

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