Scene of the crimes? Revisiting Bulger's old haunt

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June 13, 2013, 6:35 pm
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(NECN: Greg Wayland) - Rob Feiner, a man from Los Angeles, was standing in the rain, staring in perplexity at a Japanese sushi bistro on the butt end of South Boston's Broadway.

Has he come here looking for Triple O's?

"I have," he said. "But, unfortunately, I see it's changed a bit."

You could say that.

Triple O's, the dive with the narrow enter-at-your-own-risk doorway, is alleged to have had a back room and upper stories where James "Whitey" Bulger worked evil deeds before fleeing west, as it happens, to Los Angeles County.

Feiner confirmed that.

"I live about 20 miles from Santa Monica," he said. "I surf out there from time to time."

It seems Feiner was on a Bulger tour of Boston.

"I went over to Castle Rock -- or excuse me -- Castle Island," he said.

Feiner swung by Rotary Liquors, which Bulger allegedly extorted from its owner.

"Cruised by the courthouse, but I guess seats are sold out," he said.

Apparently, even the former site of Triple O's would be a must-see on that itinerary.

It's where a flashy bookmaker named Louis Litif ran afoul of Bulger and went out the back door in a body bag.

It's where South Boston tough Tommy King either made a fist at Bulger or actually bested him in a bar fight  -- and wound up buried under the Neponset River Bridge, near the buried body of Debra Davis, one-time girlfriend of Bulger associate Steve "The Rifleman" Flemmi.

In an upper room at Triple O's, Bulger allegedly extorted $50,000 from South Boston realtor Ray Slinger at gunpoint.

The sushi bar is in good company on Lower Broadway. Things have changed in this neighborhood now: a Starbucks, a yoga studio, pricey apartments going up and the sushi bistro, of course, under new ownership.

All memories of Triple O's are sealed up behind a glassy facade and flower boxes.

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