Greg's List: Silver screen-worthy cupcakes

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June 28, 2012, 11:15 pm
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(NECN: Greg Wayland) - Somewhere in a back lot of Hollywood, there's got to be a quaint little patch like this, and there'd be a little place in the middle of it called Capt'n's Bakery.

Meet Lynn Weekley, proprietor and "captain."

The shop's grand opening was June 1, and Lynn, a West Virginia native and Ohio-transplant, told his daughter Jocyln, "I think we found the perfect spot."

Of course, no spot that sells scones and cupcakes is safe in an economy that squashes corperations. So Lynn, daughter Jocyln and assistant Grace just started baking and hoped for the best.

Then what happened? Well, Grown Ups 2 is what happened.

It is a movie sequel bringing back Adam Sandler and friends to Massachusetts, and this time, the story line took the grown ups on location to Lynn Weekley's quaint little block.

"They were shooting up the street on Washington, right over here, and, ah, this young man came in and he looked at the bakery case and he just kind of scanned it for a few seconds and he said, I'll just buy it all," said Lynn.

They cleaned the captain out, down to the last muffin. A sugar high, perhaps, to fuel some big screen pratfalls?

But Captain Lynn and company just went to work baking, and the movie folks went on the move, turning the storefront across from Captain's into a make-believe boutique.

And the stars dropped by, too.

"Selma Heyak's been in," said Lynn. "Adam Sandler's wife's been in. She's been in a couple of times a week. She came in yesterday and bought a couple of dozen brownies. She was going to take them back to Shaquille O'Neal for a dessert."

Now, the movie folks have moved off the block, but Lynn's got plenty of non-show business business and is enjoying life.

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