Sarah Palin endorses Kelly Ayotte's Senate campaign via Facebook

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July 20, 2010, 4:51 pm
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(NECN: Lauren Collins, Manchester, NH) - The former Alaska Governor and VP nominee posted the endorsement on her Facebook page Monday afternoon.

Candidate Kelly Ayotte said of the endorsement, "I'm honored to have Governor Palin's support.  She's a strong conservative leader in our country."

But she may have overstated some details.  Palin wrote that, as Attorney General, Ayotte "battled all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to protect the rights of New Hampshire parents - and won!"

Ayotte did defend the New Hampshire law that required minors who seek an abortion to notify their parents.  But the Supreme Court never ruled on the case and sent it back for review.  The legislature repealed the law before it took effect.

Political analyst Dean Spiliotes doubts the factual error will have any impact on the power of Palin's endorsement,

"People who like her or are predisposed to her don't worry about that.  That's not what her popularity is based on." 

He thinks the nod may have some influence over the splintered republican primary, but could work against Ayotte should she advance to challenge democrat Paul Hodes in the general election. 

"I'm sure the Hodes campaign was thrilled to have this endorsement because it gives them something else to hit," he says.

"For democrats," says state party spokeswoman Emily Browne, "we are very excited to see Sarah Palin up here campaigning for Ayotte." 

Palin's support helps the Hodes campaign box in Ayotte, the frontrunner in most polls.

"Throughout this campaign we've just seen more evidence building up that she's really as far right wing as they come," says Browne. 

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