Police: James Holmes planned Colo. shooting

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July 20, 2012, 9:44 am
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Warning: Video may be considered by graphic by some.

(NECN: Jackie Bruno) - Authorities say James Holmes, 24, not only planned for this Colorado shooting but it was well thought out.

James Holmes was arrested shortly after the shooting and did not resist arrest.

Police say they found three guns, but do not believe there was a second shooter involved.

Police say the shooter entered through a back door wearing a bullet proof vest and a gas mask, throwing a tear gas bomb into the theater to stun the crowd first before shooting.

Mass chaos ensued, according to witnesses.

Witnesses say the shooter stay calmed, saying nothing as he shot people trying to leave.

At least 12 were killed and 50 injured, although not all are gunshot wounds.

Many of the injuries are serious to critical.

Range of ages is from three months old to 31 years old.

Shooting took place in Theater No. 9. Theater 8 was also showing the Batman movie and witnesses say bullets pierced the walls of their theater.

Police have not released a motive for this shooting. FBI says there is no indication this shooting has any ties to terrorism.

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