Broadside: Mass. 5th Congressional primary ads

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October 14, 2013, 7:04 pm
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(NECN) - Five Democrats want to be the next member of Congress from the Massachusetts 5th District.

Boston University Professor John Carroll, who also runs the blog Campaign Outsider, weighs in on the primary candidates' ads.

Carroll says Will Brownsberger's ad that shows his tiny state office helps his cause.

"I mean, he is sort of a contrarian. He is one of the ones who he doesn't oppose the Keystone XL pipeline, he doesn't oppose Citizens United, he stands out from the Democratic crowd becuase he's a little bit off center from where they are," he says.

On Katherine Clark's ads, Carroll says he doesn't think they stand out that much.

"Overall, I don't think these ads make a tremendous amount of difference, but what they do is, they build name recognition and tests show that with consumer brands, if you have five products and you recognize the name of one, whether you know anything about it or not, you'll tend to gravitate toward the one you recognize," he says.

It's also worth mentioning the three Republican primary candidates in the race have not released ads. Click here for a debate between the three GOP candidates.

Watch the attached video for the complete discussion.

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