Lawyer for Danroy Henry's family wants separate investigation

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October 20, 2010, 5:22 am

(NECN: Jennifer Eagan, Easton, Mass.) - The lawyer for the family of Danroy Henry says he will find the ''absolute truth.''  Henry is the college student from Massachusetts shot by police over the weekend in New York.

This morning, authorities in that state are promising their own investigation into the shooting.

The Henry family hired a lawyer of their own to look into their son's death. That lawyer, Michael Sussman, says it's impossible for a New York D.A. to be entirely impartial in a police-related shooting, and will be conducting an investigation of their own.

Both sides tell two very different stories about what happened that night outside a bar in Mount Pleasant, New York. Officers say the Pace University football player was driving behind the wheel of a Nissan when he hit two officers, and one fell on the hood of his car. They say when he refused to stop, the officer opened fire. Henry's passenger says they were just driving off.

There are also open questions about the medical treatment given to Henry after the incident, because the lawyer says the officer may have been treated for minor abrasions before Henry was while he was dying on the ground.

"There are open questions," said Sussman. "We're going to find the answers to those questions and understand why, if it's true, a police officer who had some abrasions, was treated before an individual was dying on the ground, if it's true. We'll find out if it's true."

The Westchester County District Attorney's office promises a deep and accurate investigation into what happened.

"There is an ongoing investigation," said D.A. Janet DiFiore. "The investigation will be a careful, thorough, and thoughtful investigation, and in the end, we will learn about the exact circumstances and events that led to that tragic death of that young man."

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