Obama, Romney both on the attack in final debate

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October 22, 2012, 11:28 pm
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(NECN: Alison King) - The third and final presidential debate of 2012 brought straight talk and eye contact, with the candidates seated right next to each other.
The focus was foreign policy, and the topics of Israel and Iran brought powerful exchanges, but the conversation often turned back to the economy.

NECN’s political reporter Alison King was in the studio with the highlights and her thoughts on who won.

This was a very substantive debate, which covered a lot of ground -- not only on foreign policy, but also on domestic policy.
It started out with a question about the challenge of the changing Middle East, where Obama saw an opening for an attack.
And though this was a debate devoted to foreign policy, it didn't take long for Romney to find a way to steer the conversation toward the economy and the rising national debt -- a topic that he sees as more important in this election and where he has greater strength.
One topic on which both candidates found some common ground was on Israel.
Each stressed unequivocal support for Israel and said they would stand with Israel if attacked.  
But when Romney attacked the president on his travel, Obama attacked back.

For more, including King’s thoughts on who won, check out the video.

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