Protesters rally outside Quincy, Mass. Walmart

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November 29, 2013, 12:44 pm
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(NECN: Jackie Bruno, Quincy, Mass.) - Protesters gathered outside of a Walmart in Quincy, Mass. Friday to demand higher wages for the store's employees.

"We're not here to try to prevent Walmart from having any business. We're just here to ask them to treat their workers in a more fair way,"

A Walmart spokesperson told NECN their average wage for a full time hourly worker is $13 an hour.

"That's a poverty wage because, you know, the figures that I saw indicate that about 80 percent of their employees actually qualify for some sort of government benefit, and that's simply not right, not when there's vast amount of wealth that is being aggregated by a handful of the owners of the company," Stuart Lanier of Waltham, Mass. says.

"The fact that these people work full time and then they have to have food stamps and everything else, it's just unbelievable that this is America," Sue Petersen of Hanover, Mass. says.

At one Walmart in the Midwest, a photo of an employee food drive went viral. But Walmart says they pay fair wages and there's room for growth within the company. They said many of these protesters are paid by unions to attend rallies.

Both Lanier and Petersen said they were not getting paid to be there.

While NECN was at the protest, there were no Walmart employees attending. When asked if employees would face any disciplinary actions if they chose to attend, Walmart said no because it's their right, but they would rather they work out their problems with their managers.

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