Bangor Hydro Spokesperson: Were Doing the Best We Can to Restore Power

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    Bob Potts of Bangor Hydro Electric says 12K of the company's customers are still without power (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN) -  As the snow falls in Maine, crews continue to work to restore power to the 30,000 residents who are still without it.

    Bob Potts of Bangor Hydro Electric talked about efforts to get the power restores to his company’s customers.

    “For several days now, it truly is all hands on deck at Bangor Hydro. We have every available crew of our own certainly out in the field. We have many, many outside contractors who have come into help us, as well, both from within the state of Maine and from areas beyond,” said Potts.

    He says Bangor Hydro still has around 12,000 customers without power.

    The company had one disgruntled customer on a Maine island who couldn’t understand why his power had not yet been restored. Bangor Hydro had to pull the crew out of that customer’s area, as the safety of their employees is paramount.

    “We get it. Folks are frustrated and we’re doing the best we can to get everyone restored,” Potts continued.

    Potts says anyone that is concerned about getting power restored in their area can call their customer service line.