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Uber Competitor Wants Self-Flying Rideshare Cars in Air



    AeroMobil's prototype for a flying car.

    Imagine a car that flies in the air and dispenses passengers to the ground via parachute in case of emergency.

    It may be closer to reality than you think: a European company called AeroMobil has created a prototype for a self-flying car and would like to put a taxi service in the air in the next two years.

    "The sharing economy is excellent for us," AeroMobil CEO Juraj Vaculik said to Mashable after delivering a keynote at the South By Southwest Interactive conference in Austin. "People will have this opportunity to call a 'flying Uber,' which will not just deliver you to the airport, but to your final destination."

    With a projected date of 2017 to put them in the air, AeroMobil could land in the Bay Area long before the San Francisco to Los Angeles bullet train, which isn't scheduled to be completed until 2029.