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Driver Blames GPS for Ending Up on Railroad Tracks

Carrollton police say the driver was cited for suspicion of driving under the influence



    Carrollton Police via Twitter
    Carrollton Police say a driver told them her GPS led her onto a set of railroad tracks near North Broadway Street. The driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

    One look at the aftermath, and you can guess right away that something went terribly wrong early Monday in Carrollton, Texas.

    Police officers were called out to the 1000 block of North Broadway Street after 1 a.m., and when they arrived a female driver told them that her GPS told her to turn right instead of left, which put her vehicle on a set of railroad tracks.

    Police said she traveled about 50 to 60 yards before the railroad tracks damaged her car and kept her from going any farther, and she was forced to call the police for help.

    Carrollton Police Department Spokesperson Jolene DeVito told NBC 5 that the officers had to call the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad and make sure no freight trains were coming through the area while a tow truck removed the car from the tracks.

    The driver was arrested and taken to jail on suspicion of drunken driving, and Carrollton police later posted the photo to social media as a reminder of how dangerous it is to drink and drive.