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Mandy Moore Reacts to 'Flattering and Terrifying' Shower Mosaic

Moore called the mural "equal parts flattering and terrifying"



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    Actress Mandy Moore attends the 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards at Barker Hangar last December.

    A mural of Mandy Moore was said to be found inside an apartment shower in Queens — a piece of art that inspired the singer and actress to respond on Twitter.

    Roommates apparently discovered the life-sized, sepia-toned mural after they bought the apartment. It appears to depict a bikini-clad Moore brushing back her hair.

    The mural came to light after Peter Kaplan posted a photo of it to Twitter on Monday, writing “My friend’s friend bought an apt in Queens and there was a Mandy Moore mosaic in the shower.”

    A text message accompanying the photo suggests that some people didn’t believe the mosaic was of Moore, but a years-old photo of the singer matches up perfectly.

    Moore, 32, even responded to Kaplan on Twitter: “It’s equal parts flattering and terrifying??”

    Some Twitter users chimed in with photos and descriptions of unusual mosaics they’d discovered in bathrooms over the years. Others posted tweets of admiration or sarcasm — “it’s the most magical thing ever” and “it’s a fabled mandy moorsaic.”

    Still others weren’t so happy about the mural’s existence. One apparent Queens resident wrote: “damn these people for giving my borough a bad name!”

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