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Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa Say They're ‘Brothers for Life' in Instagram Post

Two months after Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet announced their breakup, Lenny Kravitz proved his friendship with the "Aquaman" star is still going strong. See Zoë Kravitz's reaction

Jason Momoa (left) and Lenny Kravitz (right)
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No split could affect this friendship.

Lenny Kravitz proved he and Jason Momoa are still the ultimate BFFs following the actor's recent breakup with Lisa Bonet. Taking to Instagram March 19, the 57-year-old musician posted a photo of himself riding motorcycles with the 42-year-old "Aquaman" star.

"Ride or die," he captioned the snapshot. "Brothers for life."

And clearly, the feeling is mutual. "Love u bro," Momoa wrote in the comments section. "Ohana fo life."

After seeing the post, Zoë Kravitz took to the social network to share how much her father and stepfather truly mean to her. "Well isn't this just adorable," the 33-year-old actress wrote. "Love you both so much. @prideofgypsies."

The post should come as no surprise to fans of the stars. After all, the two have spoken about their bond before.

"People can't believe how tight Jason and I are, or how tight I still am with Zo's mom, how we all relate," the singer told Men's Health for the magazine's November 2020 issue.

"We just do it because that's what you do. You let love rule, right? I mean, obviously, after a breakup, it's work -- it takes some work and time, healing and reflection, et cetera. But as far as Jason and I? Literally the moment we met, we were like, 'Oh, yeah. I love this dude.'"

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Kravitz was married to Bonet from 1987 to 1993, with the Grammy winner and the actress welcoming daughter Zoë in 1988. It wouldn't be until 2004 that Bonet and Momoa would meet. But as the 54-year-old "Cosby Show" alum told Porter magazine in 2018, "it was full-on" from the moment they saw each other.

They welcomed two children together -- Lola, 14, and Nakoa-Wolf, 13 -- and tied the knot in 2017. "It's fantastic," Bonet told Porter about how everyone got along. "It's full-on family love."

But in January, after nearly two decades, together, Bonet and Momoa announced they were "parting ways in marriage."

"The love between us carries on, evolving in ways it wishes to be known and lived," they wrote in a joint statement on Instagram. "We free each other-to be who we are learning to become...Our devotion unwavering to this sacred life and our children. Teaching our children what's possible - Living the prayer. May love prevail."

Still, they continued to focus on family, with Momoa, Lola and Nakoa-Wolf showing their support for Zoë's new movie "The Batman" by attending the premiere in New York on March 1.

Days later, Momoa acknowledged ending a relationship in the public eye isn't easy. "Mahalo to the fans and press for being generous and giving us space for the children it's hard enough separating in the public eye," he wrote in a March 3 Instagram post. "We appreciate the continued privacy through these times aloha j."

But on March 16, Bonet was spotted with a ring on that finger, leading fans to wonder where she and Momoa stand. And while the future may be unclear, if the past is any indication, they'll always put family first.

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