‘Arts & Om' at ArtWeek Boston

A festival that's seen tremendous growth over the past few years has returned to Boston and beyond.

ArtWeek makes art accessible to all and expands people's perceptions of creativity. The 10-day festival comes around twice a year, and this spring, it's breaking records with 180 events in 54 neighborhoods and towns throughout eastern Massachusetts.

Diversity is a key focus for ArtWeek, which is produced by Citi Performing Arts Center.

"We celebrate all types of creativity, so we want every genre represented. And someone who goes to our website will see we have music, culinary events, literary events, theatre, visual arts, public art," said Vivian Baguer Holland, the associate director of special projects for Citi Performing Arts.

The festival has stretched the boundaries of traditional art. Events include "Arts & Om," a yoga class in the lobby of the historic Wang Theatre, and "Open Runway," a chance for local fashion designers to show off their work in Boston's Downtown Crossing.

"What we're trying to show is that the arts are involved in everyday life all the time," said Joe Spaulding, president and CEO of Citi Performing Arts Center. "So no matter where you are, the arts make you a better creative society, keeps you a civilized society, makes you a better human being."

ArtWeek events stretch from Cape Cod up to the Merrimack Valley, giving thousands of people the opportunity to interact with a variety of art forms.

"We hope that someone will walk away from their ArtWeek experience transformed. That they'll be a little bit different after the experience," Holland said.

ArtWeek runs through May 8. All events are under $50 and many of them are free of charge. To check out a full calendar, click here.

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