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Tired of Lockdown? Barbados Tempts Remote Workers With 12-Month Visas

“There's nothing like waking up and seeing the sunshine," the Barbados prime minister told NBC News

Beach with palm trees, New Providence, The Bahamas
DeAgostini/Getty Images

For the millions of workers stuck at home through the coronavirus pandemic, the idea of moving to a Caribbean island for a year sounds like a dream.

But now it could become a reality.

Barbados is planning to introduce a 12-month visa that would allow remote workers to swap cramped city apartments for the island’s white sandy beaches, blue sea and year-round sunshine.

The scheme, known as the “Barbados Welcome Stamp,” is due to be launched in August and will be open to anyone earning more than $50,000. The scheme is designed to provide a much-needed boost to the island’s tourist-dependent economy, while capitalizing on the shift in work patterns driven by the coronavirus pandemic.

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